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Roofstock onChain

Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

Find a home for your crypto. Real-world homes on blockchain that you can buy with one-click.

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Roofstock onChain offers single-family houses for sale. These are real life properties that have been tokenized on Blockchain, with each token representing the ownership of a house. These tokens are Home onChain Tokens.

Homes onChain can be bought in a few clicks, with the transaction recorded on the Blockchain.

To make things easier, Roofstock onChain makes the prep work for you: We select the homes to be sold, inspect them (and sometimes rehab them), and tokenize them.

  • Real blockchain ownership: The token in your wallet gives you full ownership.
  • This NOT fractional ownership: You own the entire house.
  • You can pay with crypto or fiat.
  • Financing available - also on blockchain.
  • Open to domestic and foreign buyers.

How is this better than traditional real estate?

A Roofstock onChain home has several advantages:

  • Instant ownership transfer: You can buy a house in a few clicks.
  • Your house is a Web3 asset, which enables new borrowing options using Decentralized finance (DeFi).
  • You save some of the traditional costs of real estate transactions.



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